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Induction quenching equipment

Induction quenching equipment


Application: Surface & Through Quenching

Heating : Bar,Tube,wire,shaft

Bar Diameter Allow: Φ20-110mm

Pipe Diameter Allow: Φ60-300mm

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Induction quenching equipment

The induction quenching equipment ensures high quality of the product, high reproducibility, decrease of the production costs and what is the most important, ensure continuous, failure free and safe operation. Years of experience in design and manufacturing of the induction quenching equipment let us meet requirements of each customer.

Induction quenching equipment makes possible to heat and quench detail selected area. The equipment can be easily integrated into production line.

● Bar diameter available: ø20-150 mm
● Pipe diameter available: ø20-300 mm
● Length available: Not limited
● Heat treatment requirement: Reach to user’s request at yield strength, tensile strength, straightness.

induction quenching machine

Induction quenching equipment features

     ● Systems for bars, tubes, wires and shafts

     ● Centerless systems-one or double tracks, automatic loading and unloading, programmed quenching zone, controlled process parameters, easy in-line integration.

     ● Process parameters visualization and monitoring

     ● Automatic loading and unloading

     ● Compact design

     ● Optional tempering systems

     ● Custom designed systems

Custom designed induction quenching equipment for high volume applications:

     ● Automotive industry

     ● Railway industry

     ● Hand tools industry


    Diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø18-Ø28 mm(Steel bar) PLC Control IGBT200KW Quenching
    Ø30-Ø70mm(Steel bar) PLC Control KGPS350KW Quenching
    Ø80-Ø110(Steel bar) PLC Control KGPS450KW Quenching
    Ø16-Ø32 mm(Sucker rod) PLC Control IGBT200KW Quenching

    As our induction heater is all customized, the above parameters are only for your reference.


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