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Forging steel ball heating furnace

Forging steel ball heating furnace


Manufacturing Process: Hot Forging

Material Heated:65MN  60MN  70Cr2  B2  B3  40cr  45#

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ40-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Forging steel ball

Forever, equipped with a professional 40-150mm forging steel ball production line factory, is one of the well-known such manufacturers and suppliers in China having 40-150mm production line in store. Welcome to buy discount products online and consult the quotation with us.

Automatic steel ball forging line

Forging steel ball production line content


Name Quantity
Loading Material System 1Set
Heating System 1Set  
Hot Cutting System 1Set
Pre-forging System 1Set
Roller System 1Set
Isothermality System 1Set
Quenching System 1Set
Warm Heating System 1Set

steel ball forging machine

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