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Oil Drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace

Oil Drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Workpiece: Tubing, casing, drill pipe, sucker rod

Length Allow:Not limited

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Engaged in the Oil drill pipe quenching and tempering machine production for more  years, Forever is aimed at providing users with automatic & energy saving  Drill pipe quenching and tempering machine and also the optimal proposal free of charge.

Over years of experience, we have been familiar with the drill pipe performance and grade. Even though you don’t have much experience for the drill pipe heat treatment, our engineer can help your plant to get the qualified drill pipe with our drill pipe hardening and tempering line.

Drill pipe hardening and tempering line has following features:

1. The whole set of drill pipe hardening and tempering line adopts medium frequency resonant induction heating power supply control, rectifier is fully open, all digital touch screen control program, and production is more efficient.

2. The temperature controlled by USA Raytek thermometer makes the drill pipe of all sizes get the same processing efficiency.

3. The drill pipe after heat treatment has high toughness and impact strength.

4. Uniform heating and no decarburization during heat treatment.

5. After induction heat treatment technology, the drill pipe can obtain very good straightness after heat treatment. The drill pipe hardening and tempering line needs no straightening machine.

6. The PLC control of drill pipe hardening and tempering line with the combination of human-machine interface, all digital and high depth adjustable parameters, bring more convenience to the operators.

7. One set of machine can meet different size of drill pipe hardening and tempering, which save cost and investment for users.

Customer commitment for after-sales service

1.After communicating with users, our engineer will give the final proposal for the drill pipe hardening and tempering line, including the main components brand and material, line layout drawing. 

2.Once the machine arrive in the user’s plant, we will send technicians to install, debug the machine.

3.The quality warranty period id 12 months since the machine can work well.

4.Lifelong spare parts service and technical support.


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