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Induction bar heating system

Induction bar heating system


Application         Bar heating for forging, rolling, warm forming and extrusion 
Power  100KW-8000KW
Non standard Professional customization
Temp.control Infrared thermometer

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Forever induction bar heating system is used for heating before metal bar forging, extrusion and bending and also metal bar material hardening and tempering, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment. With our induction bar heating system, the bar material can be heated to the required temperature up to the core.

Product NameInduction bar heating system

Application:Heating before rolling, forging or heat treatment

Loading way: Cylinder push, automatic turning device

Cooling way: Circulation water cooling

The characteristics of induction bar heating system:

●  The system has achieved automatic loading, automatic feeding, automatic heating and automatic discharging.

●  After heating the bars, there is no phenomenon of deformation, crack. There is very small temperature difference from the surface to the core, so it’s easy for rolling to roll into other products. If the temperature difference from the core to the surface is big, then it will reduce the roller life and do some damage to the rolling mill.

●  Compared with gas furnace or fuel furnace, our induction bar heating furnace system does’t need preheating time and user can arrange the production very flexibly.

●  For different sizes of bars, we will design different sizes of induction heaters, which is very easy to replace them as per production plan.

● IGBT air cooling power supply design can reduce the failure rate caused by water scale, and user only need to prepare cooling machine for induction heating coils.

Induction bar heating system advantages

● Fast heating speed, little oxidation and decarbonization, low energy consumption, no pollution.

 Fully automation, available for unmanned automatic operation

 Uniform heating, high precision temperature control. 

Induction bar heating system data reference

   OD(mm)   Power(kw) Frequency(khz) Temperature(℃) Heating efficiency(kg/h)  Power Consumption(kw/h)
  5-12 50 10-40 200-1250 138 <360
5-30 100 4-40 200-1250 278 <360
12-40 160 4-20 200-1250 445 <360
30-80 250 1-4 200-1250 698 <360
50-100 500 0.5-2.5 200-1250 1388 <360
80-100 1000 0.5-1 200-1250 2778 <360
>100 >1000 0.2-0.5 200-1250 >2778 <360

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Forever strives to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality for our users through constant improvement and continuous innovation. Forever Furnace will bring the best and the most induction heating technology to our induction heat treating equipment.


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