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Strip steel Induction hardening furnace

Strip steel Induction hardening furnace


Application Strip steel hardening, tempering, annealing, hardening and tempering
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product Namestrip steel induction hardening furnace

Typical Application:

Forever use electromagnetic induction for various sizes of strip steel hardening, tempering, annealing, normalizing and so on.We has a long history of supplying strip steel hardening system for a variety of applications throughout the steel industry. Welcome to send us inquiry!

The advantages of strip steel induction quenching machine

● Production and operation is simple; flexible and automatic feeding and discharging; available to realize online  production;

● The  work piece heating speed is fast; little oxidation and decarbonization;high efficiency;

● Work piece heating length, speed and temperature can be precisely controlled;

● The heating of the work piece is uniform; the temperature difference up to the core is small; and the control precision is high;

● Inductors can be carefully produced according to customer requirements.

● Full range of energy-saving optimization design: low energy consumption, high efficiency;

Dear Buyer,

Please kindly tell us:

The thickness and width of the strip steel?

The production capacity or tell us the power you request?

The heating temperature?

Then we will work out the price and give you the solution for strip steel hardening system.

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