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Steel pipe induction heating furnace

Steel pipe induction heating furnace


Application Steel pipe heating, hardening and tempering
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel pipe induction heating furnace

Typical Applications:

 Forever steel pipe induction heating furnace has good features of stability, reliability and safety,which can make sure the forging and heat treating production line can work in normal and stable status. The user can choose proper frequency according to the steel pipe diameter to ensure uniform heating.

Pipe induction heating system

Induction heating furnace for pipes

Features of Forever steel pipe induction heating furnace:

● Inductor inner diameter and steel pipe external diameter ratio is in a reasonable range, which is designed on the basis of the process parameters provided by the user. Inductor coil- T2 rectangular copper tubes is manufactured after the process of annealing,pickling, water pressure test, baking, drying, knotting and assembling,and then fixed as a whole. The anti vibration and integrity is good.

● In order to meet market requirement, users often replace the work piece size. Our inductor adopts the structure of a quick change type and medium frequency furnace casting. User only need five minutes to replace the inductor. This structure reduces overall volume reduce, increases electrical performance and make maintenance easier.So our quick change type induction heating furnace is particularly welcomed by users.

● Exact temperature control:We equip infrared thermometer at the furnace charging port and PLC closed loop control.The user can adjust heating temperature through adjusting power.

Misunderstanding of choose steel pipe induction heating furnace

● Wrong power and frequency

(1)This equipment can not meet your heating equipment such as slow heating,uneven heating,the heating temperature can not reach the target.

(2)Electricity consumption is too much.

● High electricity consumption equipment

(1)High electricity consumption

(2)Low power factor which will interfere the network and destroy transformer.

● Low price but bad effect

(1)If the factory marked large power but the real power is low,then the heating speed will be slow

(2)They can not provide professional after-sales service,which will hold up your production.

(3)No professional production and quality management and product quality is very unstable.This equipment will easily have failure.750质量英文版 001_副本

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