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Steel billet induction heating furnace

Steel billet induction heating furnace


Application Steel billet heating, rolling,forging,shearing
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel billet heating furnace

Typical Applications:

Forever steel billet heating furnace is used for continuous casting billet ( square billet,slab billet,round billet) online heating;billet heating before cold rolling;steel pipe heating before rolling;forgings heating before heating.

Technical Parameters for steel billet heating furnace:

● Billet material:Steel round bar, 60Si2Mn

● Billet diameter:φ 20 -50mm

● Billet length:2000mm

● Heating temperature: 1000 -1100 ℃

● Production capacity: 60-150S/piece

Configuration for steel billet heating furnace

● 350kW/2500-8000Hz inverter

● Medium frequency induction heating furnace

● Quick change inductor

● Storage rack and Cylinder driving device

● America Raytek infrared thermometer

● Medium frequency cable750质量英文版 001_副本

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