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Steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace

Steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace


Billet size 150*150mm,180*180mm
Billet length 2000mm
Capacity 180T/H

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14 years of professional production and sales of steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace. Familiar with the continous casting billet design and process, Forever can not only supply best quality steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace but also we will help you to choose the best solutions.

1)  Billet needs to be increased by 300℃, from 750℃ to 1050 ℃.

2)Capacity: 180T/H, billet specification: 150x150x12000mm, 180x180x12000mm

3) Working model: Continuous, inline

4)Working mode: Achieve automatic increasing billet temperature as per pyrometer set before the induction heating unit.

5)Workpiece temperature distribution: The temperature distribution characters for continuous casing billet section, the core temperature is 1050°C or more; the surface  temperature is 750°C, and the surface temperature need to increase by 300℃.

6Billet maximum bending requirements: Maximum bending is 5mm per meter, head ≤ 40mm, body: <50mm

The speed of the billet at the medium speed transmission area must meet the safety distance of 12 meters from the medium speed to the slow speed in order to make sure that the speed of the billet before charging the inductor has reduced to the slow uniform transmission state.

7)Temperature accuracy:±10℃

steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating

Steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace adopts medium frequency power supply to control:

1. Full digital control: high control accuracy and high reliability

2. Voltage and current double closed-loop control system ensures stable and reliable system.

3. Perfect protection system: over-voltage, over-current, lack of phase, water pressure, water temperature and other high protection to ensure that there is no damage to the components when the equipment has failure.

4. High power factor operation characteristics: The efficiency and power factor of the entire set of billet induction heating furnace reach a higher value.

5. Advanced closed-loop temperature control can control and adjust the heating temperature to ensure the billet can be evenly heated.

6. The high frequency start-up performance of the intermediate frequency power supply completely eliminates the startup failure.

7. Automatically adapted for different frequency and load.


Billet size Billet length Heating Temp. Production capacity
60*60mm2 3m-4 m 1000℃-1100℃ 25T/H
75*75mm2 3-6 m Room Temp.-1100℃ 25T/H
100*100mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
120*120mm2   750℃-1100℃ 30T/H
120*120mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 90T/H
125*125mm2 6  m Room Temp.-1200℃ 8T/H
125*125mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
130*130mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 50T/H
135*135mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 100T/H
150*150mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 70T/H


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