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Steel bar preheating furnace

Steel bar preheating furnace


Application            Steel bar preheating before forging, rolling, forming 
Power     100 KW-8000 KW
Non standard    Professional customization
Temp.control    Infrared thermometer

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In the present market, there are many types of steel bar preheating furnace, like gas furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, trolley furnace, fuel furnace, flame furnace. Each type of furnace has its own advantages and disadvantages, here we will introduce our steel bar preheating furnace using induction heating technology which is clean, green and convenient.

Forever design and build steel bar preheating furnace used for various sizes of steel bar preheating, along with complete steel bar heating system including roller conveyor,PLC console and water cooling tower.

Product Name:Steel bar induction preheating furnace

Application: Preheating bar, billet, plate, wire before thermal treatment

Heating way: Induction heating

Advantages: No need preheating time, instant start and stop, green production

Advantages of our Steel bar preheating machine include:

● Available for steel bar Ø25 mm-200 mm

● The power can be the range of 100 KW-8000 KW

● Fast and uniform heating

● Precise temperature control over the whole bar length.

●  Quick change type for furnace segment, saving energy and time for the user.

● Unique patented technology(DSP control) for our IF power supply control circuit .

Customer commitment for steel bar preheating furnace

● The integrated service precede three years in the line of induction heat treating equipment;

● First class service engineers and second class service specialists are double technical support;

● To provide customers with double technical support for operators and equipment management and maintenance personal.

● Reach to the field as soon as possible after receiving customer’s requirements.

● Troubleshooting within one day.

● To provide more relevant service according to customer individual induction heating requirements.

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