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Steel ball production process

Steel ball production process


Application          Making grinding ball,steel balls
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Heating method Induction heating

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Product Name: Steel ball production machine

Typical Application:

Forever steel ball production machine is specially designed for the grinding steel balls of different materials such as medium carbon steel, alloy steel etc, which is widely used in the field of mines, gold, copper,  iron ore, aluminum ore, nonferrous non-ferrous metal ore, metallurgical and mining, cement, thermal power, coal water mixture, pellets, superfine powder, slag, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand etc industries grinding ball or rod miller and so on. Equipped with conveyor system and induction heating furnace, can realize mechanization and automation production,improving efficiency and reducing labor cost.

Steel ball production process layout

skew rolling steel ball line



Forever design the hot rolled steel ball machine is fully automatic production line, up to the latest levels of hot-rolled steel ball production. Forever design and manufacture steel ball production machine as per user’s particular steel ball or grinding ball diameter and balls production capacity. Our engineer team will provide you with most energy saving and suitable machinery.
Steel ball field production
steel ball production process
Advantages of hot rolled steel balls 

● Good and smooth surface and roundness.

● Equilibrium Internal and external hardness(<5HRC)

● Low broken rate, long working life 

● High density, strong impact toughness

● High performance price ratio, cost saving is obvious

 After-sales service

● Our company will send professional and experienced engineer to go to customer’s plant to install and debug the steel ball production line.

● 12 months quality guarantee period, long term technical service and spare parts support.

● Give response within 24 hour after receiving customer’s email or call.

● Along with equipment, we will provide whole technical documents and spare parts list.750质量英文版 001_副本

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