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Steel ball grinding machine

Steel ball grinding machine


Power 100KW-8000KW
Frequency 500Hz-8000Hz
Heating Diameter Ø16-150MM
Automatic Operation Siemens PLC Control

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Product Name:Steel ball grinding machine

Forever, equipped with a professional automatic steel ball grinding machine factory, is one of the well-known such manufacturers and suppliers in China having automatic steel ball grinding machine in store. Welcome to buy discount products online and consult the quotation with us.

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Composition for steel ball grinding production line

1. Storage rack and automatic transmission device.

2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device

3. Skew rolling machine of steel ball

4. Hoisting, conveying and cooling device of steel ball

5. Isothermal quenching device

6. Car-type or on-line mesh-belt tempering furnace

7. Automatic control system for quenching temperature, water temperature discharging after quenching & tempering temperature

The steel ball produced by the steel ball grinding machine in our company has accurate size, rounding geometrical shape, high hardness, good mechanical property, and it has excellent properties of wear resistance, do deformation and no cracking. Its characteristics are as shown below:

 A. High over hardness: surface hardness can be up to 57HRC-67HRC, volume hardness is up to 56HRC-64HRC and hardness gradient is evenly distributed;

B. High impact toughness: impact toughness is more than12J/cm  ;

C. Low breakage rate: peeling resistance and crushing resistance are10 times above than the general casting-forging steel ball, the frequency of Falling Ball Impact is above20000 times, actual breakage rate does not exceeds1%, close to zero crushing

The steel ball grinding machine researched, designed and manufactured by our company is the full-auto assembly line work, it is up to the latest level of hot-rolled steel ball production.


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