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Round bar quenching tempering machine

Round bar quenching tempering machine


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Bar Diameter Allow: Φ20-120mm

Pipe Diameter Allow: Φ60-300mm

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Round bar quenching tempering line

●  Product name: Round bar quenching tempering line, Round bar induction heat treatment line
●  Diameter range: 20mm-120mm 
●  Medium frequency power: 350KW-1500KW 
●  Product strength: PLC full automatic intelligent control, stable running, energy saving and high efficiency, can achieve overall quenching and tempering for steel bars, rods, steel pipe (according to customer demand).

Round bar quenching tempering line

Round bar quenching tempering line Advantages

●  Uniform heating & quenching, very less oxidation
●  Frequency Control and heating times
●  Cooling control
●  Energy saving
●  No physical contact
●  Control and located heat
●  Can be integrated in production lines
●  Improved environmental conditions

Round bar quenching tempering line is designed and manufactured by Forever, which has more than 20 experience in the line of induction heat treatment. In China, we has occupied 40% market share for induction heat treatment line, and has exported to different countries such as Russia, Serbia, Argentina, Indonesia, Iran, Taiwan, Vietnam and so on.

    Successful cases

    Steel bar diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø10-Ø28 mm IPC Control KGPS350KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø42-Ø48 mm(Anchor Bolt) PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-60 mm IPC Control IGBT250KW Quenching+IGBT160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø60 mm PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø35-Ø60 mm IPC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø110 mm IPC Control KGPS400KW Quenching+KGPS400KW Tempering
    Ø80-v110 mm PLC Control KGPS600KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering

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