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Pipe induction heating equipment

Pipe induction heating equipment


Application Different material pipe heating,hot forming, quenching, annealing
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Among so many pipe heating equipment types, Yuantuo adopts induction heating technology to achieve pipe uniform heating without any deformation. Even for the pipe with small wall thickness, our machine can also successfully finish the heating task.

Product Name: Pipe heating equipment

Pipe diameter: Min.diameter is 20mm

Pipe grade: Seamless pipe, stainless pipe, welded pipe, thick wall pipe

Application: Pipe heating before rolling or heat treatment

Temperature control: Infrared thermometer+closed-loop temperature control

Reliable performance of pipe heating equipment

●  IGBT AC frequency speed control drive system can fully meet the requirements of regulation with low cost, low cost, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.

● All the induction heating system and drive system is controlled by PLC; induction heating system adopts closed-loop control of output voltage; the drive system adopts speed closed-loop control; ensuring the transmission speed and output power of induction heating keep constant.

● The process parameters is classified storage to make sure that each product specification can be processed in the same condition.

● The technology of temperature compensation can eliminate the influence of temperature fluctuation on the quality of the product.

● The furnace adopts quick change type, which will be very convenient for replacing the furnace segment.

Service commitment for pipe heating equipment

● After the equipment arriving in user’s plant, we will send 1-2 technicians to the user’s plant for installing, commissioning and training until the operator can run the system independently.

● Perfect quality assurance system. During the 12 months warranty period, all the after-sales service work is free.

● Technical support for system.After you buy our induction heat treating equipment, we will provide a full range of solutions related to induction heating equipment and training for your operator.

● The complete spare parts.

● Professional maintenance engineers. Forever will give response within 24 hours after receiving user’s call or email.

Dear buyer,

Please kindly tell us:

The pipe material grade?

The pipe diameter and length?

Heating requirement: speed ? time requirement? heating effect?

These helps us to recommend  you suitable machine power and frequency. 

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