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Oil drill pipe heat treatment furnace

Oil drill pipe heat treatment furnace


Application Different material pipe heating,bending, quenching, annealing
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Oil drilling pipe heat treatment furnace

Typical Application:

Pipe heat treatment furnace is designed and manufactured by Forever which is specialized in supplying pipe heating equipment of diameter 15-150 mm.Our pipe heat treatment furnace is mainly used for pipe heating, preheating, hardening, annealing,tempering, hardening and tempering.

Pipe heat treatment furnace advantages:

 1) Fast temperature rise, reducing the surface oxide layer and the work piece deformation degree.

2) Compared with other heating methods ,the heat efficiency is 95%, low energy consumption.

3) Adopting IGBT solid state inverter technology; high performance DSP processor;high reliability and low failure rate.

4)Simple installation,users can be learnt in a few minutes ,convenient operation.

5)100% load duration rate, can working 24 hours continuously 

6) It is very easy to replace the furnace because it’s quick change type.The user can finish it within 5 minutes.

Forever main induction heat treating equipment

1.Various sizes of round bar,steel pipe heat treatment production line;

2.Billet, steel, spring induction heating equipment;

3.Various sizes of bar and pipe hardening and  tempering system;

4.Stainless steel pipe heat treatment equipment;

5.Sucker rod and drill pipe heating furnace;

6.Steel wire rod heating equipment;

7.Deformed bar and rebar hot rolling equipment;

8.Hot rolled steel ball production line.

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