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Oil pipeline seam welding equipment

Oil pipeline seam welding equipment


Application Oil pipeline heating, seam welding, annealing, hardening 
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product NameOil pipeline seam welding equipment

Typical application:

Forever oil pipeline seam welding equipment is widely used for oil pipeline and other high-quality steel pipe manufacturing.  If you need seam welding, annealing or other induction heat treating equipment for your oil pipeline, welcome to send us inquiry!

Oil pipeline seam welding equipment can eliminate welding part residual stress, improve the organizational structure to get the same organizational structure, toughness and strength properties with the pipeline through seam weld online annealing, which  is the advanced process of high strength steel pipe manufacturing. 

Oil pipeline seam welding equipment consists of induction power supply, online annealing inductor / mechanical adjustment structure and Siemens PLC console.

● Per power output and frequency:25-3000KW, 400-8000HZ

● IF Power supply: Shorten or extend heating time by adjusting the power. 

DSP control, start with instant capture & Phase-Locked, meet the requirement of frequent start and stop ; 100% successful start rate.

● Online annealing inductor: including inductor, mechanical adjustment structure, capacitor and so on.

● PLC console: Control IF power supply start and stop, seam weld annealing temperature and so on.

Forever Product Positioning and Operation for oil pipeline seam welding equipment

 To provide customers with the best solutions and services of intelligent induction heating system. 

 In strict accordance with GB / T10067.3-2005 and GB / T5959.3-1998 national standard for product design and manufacturing, and always run under the control of ISO9002 quality system.

● To provide customers with high quality products and services is always our goal.

● Respect for customer value and focus on customer focus to meet customer individual demand.

● Continuous technology and service innovation to make customer’s products become more competitive.

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