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Medium frequency intelligent induction heating power supply

Medium frequency intelligent induction heating power supply


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Intelligent induction heating power supply

The electric furnace matched with intelligent induction heating power supply can be applied in the following fields: induction quenching,induction annealing furnace, tempering, quenching and tempering, welding, weld annealing, crystal growth, especially in more occasions where higher frequencies are required.


● Parallel resonance design, phase shifting and power regulation, mature and stable equipment; It has more advantages in the large power range above 3000KW.

● DSP control, fast capture and phase lock start, meet the requirements of frequent start and stop, with high success rate.

● Frequency conversion and load change adaptation, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, automatic matching for replacement of induction furnace, without any manual adjustment.

● T2 red copper bar is used in the cabinet, which is subject to sandblasting and passivation treatment; Low leakage inductance, oxidation resistance, effectively reduce line loss.

● Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict level authority. Main parameters can be reset to factory settings with one key.

● Intelligent induction heating power supply, single unit power 50-6000KW, frequency 200-10000Hz


Features of intelligent induction heating power supply:

1. 20KHz broadband adaptive: one induction heating power supply is suitable for a variety of loads. When changing the load, no professional debugging is required. Frequency adaptive can be realized from intermediate frequency to supersonic frequency.

2. Constant power output mode: the output power does not change with the workpiece temperature, with high production efficiency and good product quality.

3. High startup success rate, and arbitrary switching of constant power/constant voltage output mode.

4. Good anti voltage fluctuation performance: when the voltage fluctuation range is 360-410V, the product quality will not be affected.

5. High reliability/low failure rate: the overall structural design and circuit design of power supply synchronized with the international standard, the comprehensive intelligent protection system, the international brand components are selected, and the signal is transmitted by optical fiber to avoid interference.

6. High performance DSP processor: real-time monitoring and fast processing to ensure output.

7. QMS quality monitoring system and quality traceability function: powerful storage function can store production batch number, employee number, operation event, status event, fault event, etc., and can quickly find the cause of quality problems and accountability.

8. Intelligent fault diagnosis and online display fault handling method: more than 90% of the faults can be solved by the operator to improve production efficiency.

9. Operation status monitoring system: accurately, comprehensively and comprehensively display the power operation status, which is convenient for formulating and modifying the processing technology.

10. Parameters online setting: parameters such as operation control and limit protection of the device can be set online or remotely, and the parameters set after power failure will not be lost.

11. Powerful communication function of intelligent induction heating power supply: RS485/232 interface is reserved to exchange data with external controllers (industrial computers, industrial touch screens, laptops, etc.) or central control room.


After sales service of intelligent induction heating power supply:

1. 1+2 service mode: After you purchase our induction heating equipment, we will arrange a salesperson and an engineer to serve you.

2. The engineer will be responsible for installing and adjusting the intelligent induction heating power supply in the local factory. In addition, we will also provide technical training on how to operate the production line and maintain.

3. A spare list will be provided free of charge.

4. Complete technical documents will be provided.

5. 12 month warranty period and long-term technical service and spare parts support will be provided!