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Induction bar heating machine for forging

Induction bar heating machine for forging


Application: Forging  & Forming

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Length Allow:Not limited

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Induction heating machine for forging

After heating up the material, the forging or forming operation is done on different types of machines like mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, hammer, ring rolling etc. Materials used for forging are in shape of rounded bar, square billet or slab. Our induction heating machine for forging can provide accurate temperature monitoring and recording during the material forging process.

induction heating machine

Induction mass heating before forging

● Available for Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel.
Uniform heating & minimim scale loses
● Homogeneous through heating
● Facility for easy starting & stopping of the heater
Heating coils with best raw material
● Space economy in installation
Clean working atmosphere.
●  Semi or fully automatic operation through PLC
●  Optional computerized data logging & infrared thermometer

Technical Support

● Our engineer will go to your plant to help you install and debug the induction heating equipment.
● With excellent technical instruction,we can ensure the reliability of induction heating process and final product qualification rate.
● Important accessories  stored  in our warehouse, we can supply  accessories at any time.
●Provide the tool matching with the offered production equipment such as converter,SCR etc.


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