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Induction heating electric furnace

Induction heating electric furnace


Application Bar,pipe,slab,billet,wire heating, reheating, preheating, diathermy, partial heating
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Induction heating electric furnace

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The parameters of the induction heating electric furnace can be controlled, and the output  product is of high quality, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability. It is a kind of heating method with advanced technology and wide application.

Advantages of induction heating electric furnace

● High efficiency

The efficiency of induction heating equipment is 30% – 50% higher than that of flame furnace, and 20% – 30% higher than that of resistance furnace, which has obvious effect of saving energy.

● The heating temperature and  time is short

The induction heating equipment is more efficient than the resistance furnace and the flame furnace.

● Improve and protect the environment

Induction heating equipment does not produce  carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases and soot.Operator working conditions can be improved.

● Easy to achieve automatic control

Induction heating equipment can be real-time and accurate controlled according to the current state of the work piece heating. For example, through adjusting the power and frequency, the heating temperature and depth of the work piece can e adjusted automatically to meet the process requirements.

● Available for partial heating to the work piece.

● Easy to operate.

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Our induction heating electric furnace doesn’t need preheat and constant start and stop.

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