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induction pipe forging furnace

induction pipe forging furnace


Application: Forging ,Forming,rolling

Material: Carbon steel, Brass,Iron,Alloy steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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steel pipe forging induction furnace

Forging pipe induction furnace is suitable for heating bars, pipes, billet, plate prior to forging or rolling. After heating up the material, the forging process will be done on different types of machines: Forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic machine, screw press etc. If your plant needs pipe induction heating equipment, please send us inquiry at or call us at whatsapp +8613303078975forging pipe induction heating


Induction pipe forging furnace  advantages:

●      Induction heating equipment is featured of working online and better environment which is easy to realize mechanization and automatic production.

●      Heating speed is higher and oxidative de-carbonization volume is less. Efficiency is higher and repeatability of craft is better.

●      The device is designed in accordance with requirements of environment protection and less pollution. At the same time, it can also reduce labor strength and replace the old type resistance furnace and coal, gas and oil heat.

●      The heating is homogeneous and temperature control is precise. So heating temperature different is smaller between the external and internal of the materials.

●      Replacement of the induction heating furnace body is simple. According to the different diameter of different work pieces, we will design different configuration furnace body that is designed for quickly changing connection device of water and electric to simply replace the furnace body. 

Forging pipe induction furnace application

● Octagonal hammer ●Brass bar, steel bar, round bar
● Wrench ● Standard parts, bolts
● Axe ● Large rings
● Plate & sheet ● Billet, square billet
● Slab ● Brass copper bar
● Axle, automobile torsion bar ● Bearing steel
● Drive shaft ● Steel ball

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