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Bulldozer blade quenching tempering machine

Bulldozer blade quenching tempering machine


Application: Quenching & Tempering

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Heating way: Induction heating

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Bulldozer blade quenching tempering line

●  Product name:Bulldozer blade quenching tempering line, Bulldozer blade induction heat treating line
●  Thickness: Min.–5mm,Max,–120mm
●  Heating way: Electromagnetic induction heating

Bulldozer blade quenching tempering line

Bulldozer blade quenching tempering line is designed by Forever company, using computer heat treatment line process control for the complete process. It has advantages of safety, energy saving, high production efficiency, simple operation.

Automobile torsion bar quenching tempering line advantages

●  High heating speed: as the principle of medium frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, its heat will generate in the workpiece itself. This heating method has the advantages of fast heating rate, little oxidation, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability.
●  High degree of automation: our induction heat treatment system can realize unmanned automatic operation with automatic feeding and automatic material sorting device. With special control software of our company, the user can realize unmanned automatic operation.
●  Uniform heating: By selecting reasonable frequency and accurate temperature control, the system can achieve the requirement of uniform heating and little temperature difference from core to surface.
●  It’s very easy to change inductor. For different workpiece, we will equip different size of inductor. The inductor has water and power quick change connection, which makes replacing easier.
●  Low energy consumption, no pollution.
●  Long service life: the refractory cement used for furnace can bear 1600 ℃. temperature,no cracking.

Normal configuration

●  Mediate frequency solid power supply
●  Capacitor 
●  Induction heating coils
●  Feeding and discharging transmission device 
●  Temperature measuring equipment750质量英文版 001_副本

Full automatic control: the system need to add PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and various sensors, etc.
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