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Alloy aluminum heating furnace

Alloy aluminum heating furnace


Application Alloy aluminum bar heating, forging, hot shear
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameAlloy aluminum heating furnace

Typical Application: Alloy aluminum heating before forging, shear or extrusion

Heating temperature:450-500℃

Power consumption: 280-300kwh/t

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Forever develops cost effective, energy efficient alloy aluminum heating furnace and induction heating system which reduce operational and capital costs.

Alloy aluminum heating furnace introduction

● Product introduction: non-standard alloy aluminum induction heating equipment power is calculated according to the time given by the buyer or calculated the capacity according to the equipment power.

● Feeding mode: Automatic feeding and cylinder automatic  pushing.

● Discharging mode: discharging device adopts chain discharging machine with quick discharge chute.

● Discharge height: The center height of the bar heating production line is provided by the user.Our factory will design as per user’s requirement.

 About the temperature measurement: the temperature measurement using monochrome infrared thermometer; infrared thermometer is installed in the inductor’s exit; used for temperature detection and temperature display. And there is a large screen temperature display.

Equipment service, operation and quality commitment

● The supplier is responsible for alloy aluminum heating furnace debugging in user’s site (responsible for the installation of water and electricity).

● Free technical advice, free of charge to provide advanced technical information.

● In the manufacturing period, the user can  supervise production and quality at any time .

● To provide users with complete and accurate technical information.

● To provide on-site free debugging, and  free on-site training to the operator to carry out to ensure the operator to achieve independent operation and maintenance capabilities.

● One year quality guarantee period.Spare parts support.

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