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Tube quenching

Tube quenching


Application: Tube, Plate, sheet, slab,billet

Process:Induction quenching

Cooling way:Water cooling

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Tube quenching induction heat treatment

Over 12 years development, Forever is focus on researching and developing tube quenching induction heat treatment. At present, our tube quenching equipment has occupied 50% market share in China. And so far we have exported many induction heat treatment equipment to various countries like Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, India, Philippines, Argentina and so on.

tube quenching furnace

Simple description

Process: Tube quenching

Heating way: Induction heating

Cooling: Spraying water

Transportation way: “RV” rollers

Tube hardening equipment configuration and workflow

Name Specification
Series energy-saving IF power supply KGPS-C-400KW/1000Hz
Induction heating furnace The diameter is customized made as per pipe size
Capacitor cabinet Capacitor & bars inside
Equipment connection cable Water cable ≤ 4m
Storage rack and loading device Pneumatic automatic loading  material
Conveying device Length is 8 meters
Quenching machine
Discharging device
Receiving platform
Remote console PLC automatic control & frequency control cabinet
Closed cooling tower 80T
Infrared thermometer With digital display device 


● Stainless steel            ● Plate
● Steel bar,round bars                          ● Spring
● Octagonal hammer                        ● Seamless pipe,thick-walled pipe
● Casing, tubing                      ● Steel wire,steel strand
● Rebar, deformed bars                                 ● Bearing steel
● Rod                          ● Gear,roller

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