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Tube annealing

Tube annealing


Application: Tube, Plate, sheet, slab,billet

Process:Induction annealing

Cooling way:Water cooling

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Tube annealing, Tube induction annealing line working process

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tube annealing furnace

Technical parameters for tube annealing

●    Material: carbon steel or alloy steel 
●    Tube diameter: – 312 mm. 
●    Wall thickness: 12 mm. 
●    Tube length: 8 m-10 m. 
●    Heating efficiency: 1388 kg/ hours 
●    Heating temperature: 900 -1000 C

Tube annealing line configuration

Name Quantity
Mediate frequency power supply 1 set
Furnace frame including capacitor 1 set
Induction heater 1 set
Connection cable 1 set
Storage platform with 8 meters turning device 1 set
Automatic rotary feeding mechanism 1 set
Control system 1 set
PLC console 1 set
Infrared thermometer 1 set
Discharging system 1 set


● Stainless steel            ● Plate
● Steel bar,round bars                          ● Spring
● Octagonal hammer                        ● Seamless pipe,thick-walled pipe
● Casing, tubing                      ● Steel wire,steel strand
● Rebar, deformed bars                                 ● Bearing steel
● Rod                          ● Gear,roller

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