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Grinding rod hardening and tempering line

Grinding rod hardening and tempering line


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Material Heated:45#40Cr42CrMo65Mn,SS

Bar Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Grinding rod is a pulverizing medium used in a rod mill for pulverizing materials in a mill. There are two kinds of grinding rods: one is hot-rolled round bar; the other is that the rod which take bainite as the basic structure after heat treatment process.

Forever has rich experience in the grinding rod hardening and tempering line production and design, especially for ø80-120mm grinding rod heat treatment, we have much knowledge for the process parameters.During the commissioning for our customers of grinding rod, our technician has been familiar with that what heat treatment effect can be obtained at what parameters.

The technical superiority of Forever grinding rod hardening and tempering line:

1.One set of hardening and tempering furnace can be used for different sizes of grinding rods in different length.

2. Full power output, high heating efficiency, which can be up to 85%;

3.The grinding rod hardening and tempering furnace has high automation, low energy consumption and low labor intensity.

4.Less investment in grinding rod hardening and tempering line, manufacturers do not need to configure straightener, do not dig water tanks, saving user investment;

5.Even you are the new comer for grinding rod production, our engineer will help you to build parameter recipe storage, the system can work without very professional heat treatment expert. After finishing the production, you can send the grinding rod to us, we will invite you to come to our factory and adjust the parameters at our factory. We will send the machine out of the plant until you are satisfied.

6.The machine has good sealing performance, and produces no high temperature, dust, noise, waste gas and waste smoke.


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