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Grinding media manufacturing

Grinding media manufacturing


Manufacturing Process:Hot rolling

Material Heated:65MN  60MN  70Cr2  B2  B3  40cr  45#

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name:Grinding media manufacturing machine

Typical Application:

Hot rolled grinding media is a latest grinding media rolling technology, it is the technical breakthrough of grinding media milling manufacturing process, and it is replacement of casting steel ball gradually. Grinding media hot rolling mill  is a high production rate steel ball making machine

Forever designs the Grinding media manufacturing machine is fully automatic production line, upto the latest levels of hot-rolled steel ball production. Forever designs and manufactures series grinding media hot rolling production line, including 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120,150 etc complete size of steel balls miller lines, can produce φ 20 ~ 150 mm different size steel balls.

hot rolled steel balls manufacturing

Model Unit φ 20 φ 30 φ 40 φ 50 φ 60 φ 80 φ 100 φ 120
Steel ball diameter mm 15-20 20-30 30-40 35-50 40-60 60-80 70-100 80-120
Roller diameter mm 170 220 260 300 340 450 600 690
Roller angle range o 0-5 0-6 0-6 0-8 0-6 0-8 0-7 0-7
Productivity pcs/m 120 102 90 72 72 64 50 40
Motor power Kw 30 40 80 130 185 450 650 1000

Advantages of grinding media manufacturing machine

  • Main body is with good rigidity.
  • Adjust is easy.
  • Locking is solid, high stability.
  • Easy to change guide plate.
  • Production is compete automation, high production efficiency,large output.
  • Low energy consumption, no pollution.


Process description

1)Billet preparation:

  • All ball billet for 6 m hot rolled bar.
  • According to the size and type of storage in different storage rack.
  • Define a unique batch number for each batch.
  • Sampling inspection for each batch of stock.
  • According to the chemical composition of the test blank, as well as the steel ball hardness requirements.

2)Heating(induction heating equipment):

Blank lifted by crane to the loading platform, the feed rollers automatically feed into the intermediate frequency furnace heated to the desired temperature rolling


According to the material composition and the hardness of steel ball, the rolling temperature is established, and the average rolling temperature is about 1000~1100 ℃. The reddest of steel bars through the roller automatically sent to the ball mill, in two with special helical hole between the rolls rotate and move forward, and is continuously rolled into a ball.


Eligible ball rolled into the cooling conveyor


After the ball through the conveyor naturally cooled to a temperature suitable to the Ball separator, go screw quenching quenching tank. Its speed can be adjusted manually via the inverter.

6) Tempering 

After the completion of the steel ball, into the heat preservation barrel to temper.

7) Cooling platform

After the steel ball is tempered, the cooling platform is entered

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