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Sway bar heat treatment

Sway bar heat treatment


●  Product Name : Sway bar heat treatment line

●  Sway bar diameter: ø21-26mm

●  Productivity capacity: As per users’s requirement

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Sway bar heat treatment

A sway bar (also called an anti-sway bar or anti-roll bar) is a component of some vehicles’ suspensions. Before installing, the sway bar must been heat treatment to get good mechanical properties.

●  Product Name : Sway bar heat treatment line

●  Sway bar diameter: ø21-26mm

●  Productivity capacity: As per users’s requirement

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Forever sway bar heat treatment line technical Parameters

● The sway bar induction heat treating equipment is equipped with infrared temperature measuring device, with large display screen to display heating temperature in real time, which is convenient for operator observation and quality control personnel record.

●  In the whole heating and quenching process, the torsion bar is going through on the carrier rollers which is driven by frequency motor and reductors.

● Water tank, spray ring & shaft and gear for spraying device is all made of stainless steel. Visual flowmeter is installed, which is easy to adjust and record spraying water process. Installing water temperature measuring device to display water temperature in real time.

● Set pressure roller device for the normal operation of the stall detection

● Intelligent power metering system: real-time display equipment operation power, and record the duty or accumulated batch electricity, convenient for  cost accounting.

● PLC automatic control: realize process recipe, batch number records, operator records, equipment operation parameters records, production records and other functions.

Remote Console for sway bar heat treatment line

Remote control with PLC touch screen(including power supply start & stop, frequency control speed motor,Temp.display and closed loop control.)


● Customized human-machine interface,high user-friendly operation instruction.

● All-digital, high depth adjustable parameters that make you easy to control the equipment with great efficiency.

● Strict purview management system and perfect one key to restore system.

● Provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.

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