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Hardening and tempering line

Hardening and tempering line


●  Application: Bars, pipes, rods, plate

●  Productivity capacity: As per users’s requirement

●  Diameter: 20-150mm

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hardening and tempering

Hardening and tempering line

Forever is adopting induction heating technology in IF hardening and tempering line, achieving workpiece continuous heating, spray cooling, continuous tempering and computer control complete set of equipment technical parameters and heat treatment process parameters.

Compared with the traditional heat treatment process, the mechanical properties had been improved and the power consumption is less with induction heat treating process.

●  Product Name : Hardening and tempering line

●  Application: Bars, pipes, rods, plate

●  Productivity capacity: As per users’s requirement

Hardening and tempering line system

Forever hardening and tempering line configuration

●  Power supply range for hardening: KGPS160-1300KW

●  Power supply range for tempering: KGPS160-750KW

●  Induction coils for hardening and temperling (including capacitors, water, gas, etc.)

●  Closed cooling sysetm for cooling power supply and coils.

●  Connection copper wire (Cnnection power supply and coils)

●  Input and output system (the workpiece will forward and self-rotate for uniform heating)

●  Spraying system for hardening.

●  Infrared temperature measurement device (America Raytek infrared thermometer can display the workpiece temperature, so the user can know the heating temperature)

●  PLC control system. (Controlling the entire mechanical parts of the operation, man-machine interface, all-digital, highly user-friendly operation)

10, the central console (including frequency control and temperature control, China Industrial Computer, remote start, etc.) its role is the entire quenching and tempering equipment directly in the central console operation, only one person can operate the entire equipment, Labor, cost savings.


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