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Steel ball making machine

Steel ball making machine


Application          Making grinding ball,steel balls
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Cooling Way Cooling Tower

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Product Name: Steel ball making machine

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Forever produce and supply steel ball making machine,steel ball forging equipment, steel ball hot rolling production line,which is widely used in metallurgy,cement,power,chemical industry,mining industry. Our Steel ball making machine can make diameter 16-150 steel balls including three processes: forging, roll forging and hot rolling. Especially our steel ball making machine can meet large power requirement which is used for steel balls of diameter 100 mm above .

Steel ball making machine field application

Steel ball making

Steel ball making machine parameters

1 Suggest material Low alloy steel  Remark
2 Production Diameter Φ50~Φ80mm
3 Ball surface hardness HRC60~63
4 Mill machine speed 65~110pcs/min Frequency control
5 Capacity 6400~7600kg/h
6 Heating method Medium frequency induction heating furnace
7 Heating Temp. 9501050℃
8 Raw material length 6000mm
9 Roller QTY. 2 pcs/set
10 Roller material H13
11 Main motor power 250kW

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