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Stainless steel surface hardening machine

Stainless steel surface hardening machine


Application: Stainless pipe,stainless bar 

Process:Surface hardening

Heating way: Induction heating

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Stainless steel surface hardening

Stainless steel surface hardening line, stainless steel induction hardening line can be customized according to customer demand. For different size of  workpiece, the furnace design is different. Please contact Forever technical person if you have problem about stainless steel surface hardening.

stainless steel surface hardening system

Description for Stainless steel surface hardening line

●     Heating way: Medium frequency induction heating
●     Cooling way: Water cooling
●     Control system: Siemens PLC
●     Mechanical system: Roller table transportation, automatic loading & unloading
●     Process: Surface hardening

Introduction for Core part–IF power supply

MCSV 7.6F IF power supply control system adopts DSP + FPGA composites integrated circuit and fully digital circuit implementation. All parameters can be digitally corrected on the touch screen or remote device which has characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and quick response .

The control system is designed with Forever unique constant power / constant angle mode selection function. At low frequency or when you need large power, you can select constant power mode: After the DC voltage output is at full load,it will continue to increase the IF voltage and DC current, which will automatically adjust the load impedance matching. This can achieve constant power output, saving time, electricity and increasing the network power factor. At high frequency or when you need precise control to inverter front angle, you can select constant angle mode: automatically adjust inverter front angle in equipment running, so that the equipment can run stably under the conditions of impedance changes rapidly, over high working frequency or other bad conditions.

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