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Medium-frequency induction heating power supply

Medium-frequency induction heating power supply


Suitable for the control system of induction heating equipment such as steel rod, steel pipe and plate.

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Hebei forever mechanical and electrical professional provide intelligent DSP series intermediate frequency power, all touch screen control, pure digital setting, can realize high power, heating, energy conservation and environmental protection we in the induction heat treatment industry has many years of rich experience, is the intermediate frequency induction heating power professional manufacturers, buy series resonance induction heating power, choose Hebei forever mechanical and electrical medium frequency power manufacturers.

Features of intelligent DSP series IGBT IF induction heating power supply :

Perfect protection circuit: overcurrent, overvoltage, phase deficiency, overload, overtemperature, water pressure, grounding fault, frequency tracking lock loss and other protection measures, complete functions, imported optical fiber transmission, rapid and reliable protection.
2. The medium frequency induction heating power supply adopts the fully integrated control line, and the digital degree is higher than 90%.

3 The whole system implements double closed-loop adjustment, and can adopt two working modes of constant pressure and constant flow.
First discharge and then track the natural frequency to ensure the high success rate of the equipment
The inverter trigger system of series resonant induction heating power supply adopts the advantages of constant backvoltage time control mode to ensure the power supply running under high power factors.
The inverter main loop is equipped with unique current limit and pulse trigger module to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.
Intelligent DSP series intermediate frequency power cooling pipes are all connected with brass nozzle, which is convenient and quick to install and dismantle.
0 The unique dual gate structure separates the weak current control from the strong current (high voltage), avoids the strong current interference and further improves the reliability of the whole system.


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