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IGBT medium frequency heating power supply

IGBT medium frequency heating power supply


Induction equipment control system

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Forever design of IGBT medium frequency heating power supply using three circuit oscillation circuit, high output efficiency, stable performance, strong load activity: 1 GPT induction power than KGPS series power saving 10-30%, microcomputer control power supply, output power can smooth adjustment, and at any time detection, display equipment operation: GPT new energy-saving power supply has a variety of protection function, also equipped with a key reduction factory Settings function. forever IGBT induction heating power supply manufacturer.

Intelligent control: power supply for real-time monitoring / remote control; fault self-diagnosis function; process customization and process parameter control.
High cost performance: highly optimized structure, independent unit modular layout maintenance is faster, can also easily expand the power supply with the development.
High reliability: using IGBT high-speed protection technology, long power life DSP digital control device, high power stability, less faults
Energy saving and environmental protection: very few harmonics, high power factor, without power compensation.

GBT IF power supply is a constant power output power supply, which can achieve full power output, and always keep the heating workpiece speed is fast, high production efficiency. Because the inverter adopts series resonance and high inverter voltage, all 1 GBT IF is energy saving than ordinary SCR IF; IGBT IF adopts FM modulation, the whole charging part adopts full bridge rectification, inductance and capacitor filter, IGBT IF produces high harmonic components and low pollution to the power grid. High harmonic interference: high harmonic mainly from the rectified part of voltage controlled silicon burr voltage, serious pollution of the grid, lead to other equipment to work normally, and energy-saving IGBT automatic intelligent composite parallel power rectifier, dc voltage always work at higher, not adjust the conduction Angle, so it will not produce high harmonic, will not pollute the power grid, variable instrument, switch not heat, will not interfere with other electronic equipment operation. There is space between the four induction coils, which can improve the efficiency of the coil load and make the water vapor in the furnace lining material is easily volatile. In the induction heating equipment in the furnace body of the gapless induction ring, a common problem is that the coil is often affected by the magnetic field of the adjacent coil, so that the impedance increases.

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