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Metal heat treatment furnace

Metal heat treatment furnace


Application Metal material heating, reheating, preheating, diathermy, partial heating
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Metal heat treatment furnace

Typical Application:

Forever metal heat treatment furnace can be used for various kinds of metal heat treatment,such as heating, forging, hardening, tempering,annealing,brazing,welding,extrusion,hot forming and so on.Our metal heat treatment furnace features easy operation,long service life and high heating efficiency.

  Metal heat treatment furnace丨equipment performance advantages

● The heating temperature is high, and it is a non contact heating.

● Heating efficiency is higher than the old equipment; energy saving 30%.

● Fast heating speed-the surface oxidation layer is less.

● The temperature is easy to control and the work piece is easy to be heated evenly.

● Available for partial heating and complex shape of work piece heating.

● Simple and safe operation-there is a variety of control and protection functions.

● High working efficiency and environmental protection.

Forever induction heat treating equipment

● 3000 KW diameter 80 mm steel ball hot rolling production line

● 1500 KW diameter 60 mm steel bar induction heating system

● 500 KW diameter 100 grinding rod heat treatment equipment

● PC steel bar heat treatment furnace

● Long shaft surface hardening machine

● Stainless steel pipe bright annealing induction furnace.

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