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Pipe induction heating furnace

Pipe induction heating furnace


Application Different material pipe heating,hot forming, quenching, annealing
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Pipe heating furnace

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Forever pipe heating furnace,pipe heating machine adopts advanced induction heating technology and Siemens closed-loop control system.Our pipe heating furnace features fast heating, high heating efficiency,uniform heating and less oxidation layer.

Pipe heating furnace丨equipment performance advantages

● The heating temperature is high, and it is a non contact heating.

● Heating efficiency is higher than the old equipment; energy saving 30%.

● Fast heating speed-the surface oxidation layer is less.

● The temperature is easy to control and the work piece is easy to be heated evenly.

● Available for partial heating and complex shape of work piece heating.

● Simple and safe operation-there is a variety of control and protection functions.

● High working efficiency and environmental protection.

Forever main induction heat treating equipment

● Steel bar induction heating furnace

● Steel pipe quenching and tempering system.

● Steel billet hot rolling equipment.

● Slab surface quenching machine.

● Steel ball hot rolling production line.

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