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Grinding ball rolling mill

Grinding ball rolling mill


Application          Making grinding ball,steel balls
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Heating method Induction heating

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Product Name: Grinding ball rolling mill

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Forever grinding ball rolling mill is customized and high efficient.If you are interested, please tell us grinding ball diameter, grinding ball production capacity.Then Forever will provide you with factory price & most energy saving solution for grinding ball rolling mill.

Select product specifications according to customer’s requirements

S/N      Model          Specifications (mm) Capacity (balls / min)      
1 D20 Φ15,φ20 120~140
2 D30 φ20,φ25,φ30 100~140
3 D40 φ20,φ25,φ30,φ40 80~130
4 D50                                φ20,φ25,φ30,φ40,φ50                       70~130

Rolling grinding balls,rolling steel balls,hot rolled steel balls:

Grinding ball rolling

The advantages of our skew  grinding ball rolling mill compared with other suppliers:

● Machine main frame: Ours is casting steel. Other suppliers of rolling machine adopts welding frame. It is difficult to adjust with weld frame and it will easily deform in the working process.And the weld frame need frequent adjustment.

● The rolling mill axis adopts forging process to improve the performance of anti-fatigue, anti-bending, fracture resistance greatly.

● The screw nut to adjust the rolling machine is made of brass.

● We have the operation manual of the complete set of skew rolling machine. Most of other factories can not provide the operation manual and their equipment need to be adjusted by experience, which bring some troubles to the users.

● In the same production line, using inverter motor can effectively make use of motor power and improve the steel ball output for rolling different sizes of steel balls.

The advantages of induction heating equipment:

●Fully automatic intelligent medium frequency power supply

Energy saving, the electricity consumption is 280KW/H per ton of steel material.
Automatic temperature control

●Self-Adaptive at frequency variation or load variation; induction furnace replacement is automatic matching, no need to make any manual adjustments.

●Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, with complete process record and strict purview control.The main parameters can be one key recovery of the factory settings.

●Transmission roller and pressure roller: Rollers between the furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, and other parts of the roller is made of 45 steel and the surface is hardened.

●Infrared temperature measurement : Setting infrared temperature measurement device at the discharge, so that the steel bar temperature can be controlled in the allowed range before charging into the rolling machine.

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