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Stabilizer bar heat treatment

Stabilizer bar heat treatment


●  Diameter : ø23-32mm

● Length: 1.5-1.85 meter

●  Running speed : 1.5-2 pcs per minute

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Stabilizer bar heat treatment

Stabilizer bars are part of a car’s suspension system. They are sometimes also called anti-sway bars or anti-roll bars. Their purpose in life is to try to keep the car’s body from “rolling” in a sharp turn. So stabilizer bars quality is very important for the car safety. While during stabilizer bars manufacturing, the heat treatment is the most important process as it will affect the bars mechanical properties.

●  Product Name : Auto stabilizer bar heat treatment line

●  Diameter : ø23-32mm

● Length: 1.5-1.85 meter

●  Running speed : 1.5-2 pcs per minute

Stabilizer bar heat treatment line

The configuration of stabilizer bar heat treatment line

● Induction heating coils

● Conveying roller table for feeding & discharging

● Induction heating power supply

● Cooling system

● PLC console cabinet

As per user’s requirement, Forever can equip infrared thermometer, cooling machine, transformer, low-voltage distribution cabinet etc.

Features for stabilizer bar heat treatment line

● The overall structure is solid and firm: cylinder for turning, pneumatic components, transmission and compression mechanism are fixed on the feeding rack.

● The control cabinet can be customized according to customer requirements, using relay circuit control mode or PLC + touch screen control mode.

● The induction heat treating control system can achieve automatic turning, frequency control automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic discharging, temperature detection, automatic adjustment of power supply and parameter storage functions.

● High strength machine body design, transmission mechanism has features of high precision, high stability.

● Adopting energy-saving intelligent IGBT automatic induction heating power supply can achieve full touch screen control, all digital setting with complete process records and strict level authority.


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