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Rebar hardening and tempering

Rebar hardening and tempering


●  Product Name : Rebar hardening and tempering  line

●  Diameter : ø6-50mm

●  Length: 5-12 meter

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ribber bar hardening and tempering

Rebar hardening and tempering 

Rebars is the steel used for reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete, its cross-section is round, sometimes with a rounded square. Rebars includes light round bar, ribbed steel bar, twisted steel bar. Rebars can withstand tension and increase mechanical strength.  So rebar hardening and tempering is very important during rebars manufacturing process.

●  Product Name : Rebar hardening and tempering  line

●  Diameter : ø6-50mm

●  Length: 5-12 meter

rebar hardening and tempering line

Remote Console and Human-machine Interface

● Provide remote console with touch screen or IPC system on user demand.

● Customized human-machine interface,high user-friendly operation instruction.

● All-digital, high depth adjustable parameters that make you easy to control the equipment with great efficiency.

● Strict purview management system and perfect one key to restore system.

● Provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.

As per user’s requirement, Forever can equip infrared thermometer, cooling machine, transformer, low-voltage distribution cabinet etc.

Features for rebar hardening and tempering line

● All sizes of rebars can get the same processing efficiency;

● Consistency of high hardness and microstructure uniformity;

● High toughness and impact strength;

●  No decarburization phenomenon during induction heat treating process;

● Using induction heat treating technology, the tube / bar can get good straightness after hardening and tempering process. That means you needn’t buy any heavy straightening equipment for straightening the rebars. There is also no need to add additional processes to handle the material (straightening process).

 Energy loss and related costs only exist in the effective production;

● Very low maintenance costs, do not need a long time for downtime maintenance.


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