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Carbon steel induction hardening equipment

Carbon steel induction hardening equipment


Application          Carbon steel induction heating, hardening, annealing
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Cooling Way Cooling Tower

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Product Name: Carbon steel induction hardening equipment

Typical Application:

Forever carbon steel  induction hardening equipment is widely used for carbon steel induction heating and induction heat treating. Such as carbon steel billet heating before forging or rolling; steel bar, steel pipe hardening and tempering, annealing and so on.

Equipment  Configuration:

 Advantages for Carbon steel induction hardening equipment

Uniform hardening,no deformation.

100% successful start rate, high power factor.

● Self-Adaptive at frequency variation or load variation;the frequency adaptation range is 200-10000Hz; induction furnace replacement is automatic matching, no need to make any manual adjustments.

● Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, with complete process record and strict purview control.The main parameters can be one key recovery of the factory settings.

Closed-loop temperature control system. The infrared thermometer will measure the temperature at the furnace discharge port and give the signal to the power control system. The power control system will automatically recognize as per setting process parameters. When the billet temperature exceed the setting range, the system will automatically adjust the output power to make sure that the billet temperature is in the range of target temperature. This process can reduce the rejection production and ensure the product quality.

 Customized induction hardening equipment: our factory will get and save the corresponding processing parameters through debugging according to user’s steel size and production capacity. After confirming the billet specification and capacity, the user can start the equipment and no need to adjust frequently.

Operation control system: User can choose remote control (remote console) or local control(control cabinet).

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