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Rebar induction heat treatment furnace

Rebar induction heat treatment furnace


Application Rebar heating, rolling ,hot rolling ,heating, heat treatment
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product Name:  Rebar induction heat treatment furnace


Application: Used for rebar heating before rolling or rebar heat treatment

Feeding way: Continuous rebar heating online

Power factor: ≥0.95

Forever rebar heating furnace adopts advanced induction heating technology and German Siemens PLC control system will increase your production efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

The technical features of rebar heat treatment furnace :

1. When the heating begins, the system starts quickly, and the rebars will be heated gradually as we design induction preheating part and induction warm-up part, which is more energy saving.

2. The power and temperature of the full automatic digital IGBT frequency conversion induction power supply are very strong, and the precision and stability of the temperature are controlled by the automatic control system of power and temperature.

3.The closed loop control system for temperature: the infrared thermometer is used to measure the heating temperature of bars after out of the induction heater and monitor that whether the rebars is overheated or less heated. After the temperature monitoring, the signal is finally fed back to the induction heating work machine – the control system of the inverter power supply. The power supply is automatically recognized according to the set process requirements. When the rebars temperature exceeds the target temperature range, the control system will automatically adjust the output power on the basis of the set value and correct the power of the inverter to control the temperature of the rebars within the target range. The production rate of unqualified products is reduced, and the consistency of quality is ensured.

4. Customized heating process selection system for rebar heating furnace: users can obtain and store corresponding processing parameters according to the different types of rebars, and the relevant processing parameters can be obtained and the relevant technical standards can be preset.

5. The heating temperature of rebar heating furnace is uniform with high temperature accuracy.

Induction heating advantages:

 ● Shorter times in the process of production

 ● Temperature control system

 ● Integration in production lines

 ● Energy saving

 ● Immediate availability of parts

 ● Saves floor space

 ● Improved environmental conditions

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