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Steel Bars Hardening and Tempering Furnace Development Trend

Have you kept up with the development trend of steel bar induction hardening and tempering furnaces – Induction heating, induction heating furnaces, induction heating equipment, electromagnetic induction heating of steel billets, and steel rod induction heating and tempering production lines are currently in society. With the continuous improvement of production technology and the continuous progress of industrialization, people have higher requirements for steel rod induction heat treatment and tempering furnaces. Having a clear understanding of induction heating and heat treatment, a high-performance, high-quality steel rod induction heat treatment and tempering furnace must be able to meet the needs of equipment users and social development to the greatest extent, which is also the overall trend of our country’s development in the current era.

Since its establishment, Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of induction heating complete sets of equipment with comprehensive functions such as production and sales, scientific research and development, and technical services. Our designed steel bar heat treatment production line induction heating equipment has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of German SMS company, and is represented by world-leading induction heating technologies such as Italian SAET, Norwegian EFD, and Japanese MES.


The high-precision, high production efficiency, and low-cost induction heat treatment and tempering furnace for steel bars must be able to work efficiently and stably, ensuring the accuracy of heating temperature and reducing production costs.

Strong flexibility, now the steel bar induction heating equipment hardening and tempering furnace not only needs to be able to complete the work independently, but also needs to be used according to the equipment requirements, which puts higher requirements on the flexibility of the equipment. Safety is the most important issue for device users.

With the rapid development of the social economy, the induction heat treatment and tempering furnace for steel bars is gradually developing towards a professional direction. It is very important to achieve the above aspects in order to make our equipment more popular.

We also have many other furnaces, such as Forging heating furnace 、pipe induction heating equipment 、Hot rolled steel ball 、steel bar quenching and tempering furnace and so on.

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