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steel bar round bar induction heating equipment

steel bar induction heating furnace uses induction coils to heat treat and process steel bars. The induction coil concentrates the magnetic field lines generated by alternating current on the steel bar, and generates vortex current through electromagnetic induction, thereby heating the steel rod. So the steel bar induction heating furnace processes the steel bars through electric heat transfer, and uses environmentally friendly energy energy. The heat is directly generated from the steel bars, with a thermal efficiency of up to 95% and less energy waste. It can save a lot of electricity bills in a year.

The technical advantages of using electric heating for steel bar induction heating furnace equipment:

1. The heating method of steel bar induction heating equipment is different from the traditional conduction and transfer heating method of steel rod heat treatment furnace. Electromagnetic heating generates heat, and the heated object generates heat by itself, resulting in almost zero heat loss during the heating process and a heat utilization rate of over 95%;


2. Electric energy is a resource that directly heats objects during electric heating conversion, resulting in less heat dissipation during the heating process. The temperature in the working environment is low, and there will be no waste gas or slag generated, making it safer and more environmentally friendly to use;

3. The heating technology of Round bar induction heating furnace is different from that of other equipment. It uses electromagnetic induction heating technology to heat the heated object itself, saving heating time, reducing heat loss in the middle, and has high safety performance.

After discussing the advantages of the steel bar induction heating furnace heating method, let’s talk about the price we are concerned about. Steel bar induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, so manufacturers need to determine the power and configuration of the equipment based on user process requirements and production requirements before making a quotation. Therefore, the manufacturer of Forever Electromechanical induction heating equipment cannot provide an accurate quotation here. Friends who want to learn more can call to consult Forever Electromechanical. Professional technical engineers will provide you with technical services.

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