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Heating accuracy of steel billet induction heating equipment

What determines the heating accuracy of steel billet induction reheating furnace ? The technical engineer from a professional induction heating equipment manufacturer in Hebei analyzes the following for you:

Forever Electromechanical Steel Billet Induction Heating Equipment is mainly used for billet heating, plate heating, etc. The equipment uses a solid-state power supply to efficiently provide a magnetic field to the coil, providing you with high-quality and efficient technology and heating efficiency, so that the surface temperature of billets, slabs and other workpieces meets the ideal forming, forging, and rolling temperature requirements.

Before coming out of the continuous casting machine and entering the rolling mill, the workpiece is usually heated to the rolling temperature. Induction heating is chosen to ensure even heating and temperature control of the slab and square billet.

The power system of Forever steel billet induction heating equipment adopts solid-state power supply, DSP fully digital control, capable of variable frequency adaptive and load adaptive control after process adjustment and load adjustment, and stable power automatic adjustment control;

In order to accurately control the heating temperature of the equipment, the temperature control system adopts infrared temperature measurement feedback, and the unique feedforward and feedforward joint control of Forever ensures constant temperature control;

The feeding system adopts an independent motor reducer drive for each axis, with multi axis drive and single frequency converter control to ensure synchronous operation of multiple axes;

The industrial computer system adopts fully automatic PLC control, which displays working parameters and status in real time, fault alarms, etc.

The steel billet induction heating production line belongs to non calibrated type equipment, which can be designed according to the size of the workpiece, production capacity, heating temperature, billet feeding method, power supply, pressure, etc.

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