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Steel billet reheating furnace

Steel billet reheating furnace


Application Steel billet reheating, heating and rolling
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel billet reheating furnace

Typical Applications:

Steel billet reheating furnace developed and manufactured by Forever is used for steel billet reheating, square billet heating,steel billet continuous casting and rolling, which has been recognized by customers from home and abroad.Especially Taiwan and Vietnam customers buy our steel billet reheating furnace repeatedly.

Steel billet reheating furnace field application:

Steel billet inline reheating system

Design conditions and basic parameters for steel billet reheating furnace
● The heating steel material: carbon steel, alloy steel
● Steel billet size: 135mm×135mm×6000mm;
● Steel billet maximum camber before charging furnace:≤ 3mm/M
● Steel billet temperature before charging furnace:surface≥800℃,inside 900℃~950℃
● Tapping temperature:1050℃
● Production capacity:100 T/T
● Electricity consumption per ton:≤ 40~50kw
● Roller speed:~12.5m/min (0~13m/min Frequency conversion speed)
● PLC automatic control for the whole heating process; Timely displaying the heating production quantity  records
● The water cooling roller and guide roller material: Non magnetic heat resisting stainless steel
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