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Steel rolling heating equipment

Steel rolling heating equipment


Application         steel bar, steel billet,steel slab heating before hot rolling  
Power  100KW-8000KW
Non standard Professional customization
Temp.control Infrared thermometer

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Product Name: Steel rolling heating equipment

Application: Heating before rolling rebars, deformed bars, steel balls, steel plate etc.

Working mode: Continuous heating

Advantages : Uniform heating, no deformation, no crack, more energy saving

The full automatic intelligent control system is adopted for the steel rolling heating equipment. The PLC main console uses the Germany SIEMENS PLC and Taiwan Hua Yan Industrial control system as the core control part, which can automatically match and adjust for the furnace mechanical parameters, power supply and so on. And the parameters are displayed, stored and used.

Steel rolling heating equipment recipe management function:
The powerful recipe management system: After inputting parameter of steel grade, pipe diameter and wall thickness, the device can automatically calls the relevant parameters, no need manually recording, consulting, and inputting the parameters required for various workpiece.

Historical curve function of steel rolling heating equipment:
The PLC console shows the traceability process history curve (industrial control machine system standard), accurate to 0. 1 second recording precision and display the temperature trend diagram accurately.

Advantages of steel rolling heating equipment

● Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation,saving materials and costs and increase the life of the mold.

● Good working environment and improve the working environment and the company’s image.

● Good energy saving effect, low energy consumption and less burning loss.

● God start performance. Empty furnace and  full furnace can start 100%.

● Good electric heating operating environment.

Technical Support for steel rolling heating equipment

● Powerful after-sale service team.Specialized personal  is ready to provide the technical support of equipment installment, adjustment, maintenance and trouble shooting at any time.

● With excellent technical instruction,we can ensure the reliability of induction heating process and final product qualification rate.

● In order to analysis failures and supply spare parts,the users can contact with us on the telephone or internet.

● There are all kinds of accessories that are most frequently used in our warehouse,so we can supply the required accessories as soon as possible.

● We provide the tool matching with the offered production equipment such as inductor,coil(wearing parts).

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