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Billet reheating furnace

Billet reheating furnace


Application Billet heating, reheating, preheating, forging, hot rolling
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameBillet reheating furnace 

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Featuring fast, clean and energy efficient continuous online billet reheating furnace, induction heating with Forever equipment is the ideal billet reheating method for achieving a quality finished product.

Billet inline reheating system supply

Billet reheating furnace characteristics

● The equipment has self-diagnostic function, that means it will record and display fault and alarm reason,then you can deal with the failure.

● In the whole process, the operator only need to put the material in the storage rack, and the system will operate automatically after setting the program on PLC console.

● Customized design and production according to customer’s induction heat treating requirement.

● Successful start-up rate is 100%. The operator can start the power supply frequently.It’s safe and reliable.

● Operation and debugging is simple.The power supply can exclude all kinds of misuse or malfunction.User can install or debug as per the instructions without professional guidance.

● The induction coil adopts high purity copper pipe with special coating material inside and outside coil wall, and the fire resistance temperature can be 1800℃,so the induction heater service life has been extended greatly, reducing the repair cost in future.

Billet reheating furnace 

● Perfect quality assurance system. One year quality guarantee period and free spare parts for the equipment fault during the quality guarantee period.

● Technical support system: After you buy our billet reheating furnace, we will provide a full range of technology about billet reheating. For any problems during the equipment operation, we will put forward the solutions.

● Complete repair parts, transparent maintenance price list, adhere to the service honesty.

● Efficient fault handling procedures. We promise to provide customers with detailed troubleshooting within 24 hours after receiving the call.

We will make great efforts in order to let our induction heat treating equipment serve you!