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Plate forging

Plate forging


Application: Forging & Forging

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Length Allow:Not limited

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Plate forging

Forever plate forging furnace is used for plate or sheet heating before forging with accurate temperature control & energy saving power supply cabinet.

forging plate

Induction mass heating for plate forging

● Available for both Ferrous & Non-ferrous applications
● Rapid heating of Round or Square billets and bars.
● Homogeneous through heating
● Minimized scale loses
● Facility for easy starting & stopping of the heater
● Steady billet through put under uniform conditions.
● Space economy in installation
Clean working atmosphere.
●  Semi or fully automatic operation through PLC
●  Optional computerized data logging.

Technical Support

● Powerful after-sale service team.Our engineer will go to your plant to help you install and debug the induction heating equipment.
● With excellent technical instruction,we can ensure the reliability of induction heating process and final product qualification rate.
● In order to analysis failures and supply spare parts,the users can contact with us on telephone or internet.
● Important accessories  stored  in our warehouse, we can supply t accessories at any time.
●Provide the tool matching with the offered production equipment such as converter,SCR etc.