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Induction rod heater

Induction rod heater


Application: Forging , Rolling & Quenching

Material: Carbon steel, Brass,Iron,Alloy steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product name: Induction rod heater

Heating model: Continuous

Working mode: Automatic/Semi-automatic

Conveying mode: Roller table

Induction rod heater offers high efficiency and energy saving especially for the forging industry where the induction heater is used to pre-heat metals to between 1100 and 1200 degrees C (2010- 2190F).

Induction heating is efficient, easily controlled, uses no energy when not heating, and puts the heat where you want it, when you want it. No idle time, no massive refractories to heat, and close coupling enables you to use energy in the best possible way.

induction heating steel bar

Induction rod heater advantages

● Material Heating:(magnetizer) mainly Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy,Brass,Aluminum etc.

● Position Forging: Whole and Partial induction furnace forging for metal bar

● Work-piece hot forging and forming: Standard parts, fasteners, master pieces, small hardware, round bar and billet etc.

● Specific application for the induction rod heater : bolts and nuts forging and hot upsetting, pipe induction forging and forming, auto parts(connecting rod, crank shaft etc.),cast iron beam heating and continuous heating, oxygen bottle forging, rivet heating, long round,square and angle bar and billet heating etc.

Forever provides a wide range of Service & Spares options for your Rod Induction Heating Equipment Services available include:

● Preventative Maintenance Contracts

● 24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Service

● Work carried out on all types of equipment regardless of original manufacturer

● One year quality warranty period

● Availability of spare parts for most types of induction heating furnace

    project cases

    Rod Diameter Rod Length Heating Temp. Production capacity
    Φ36-45mm 1500mm 1125°C ± 25 3T/H
    Ø60mm 6000mm 1200℃ 4.4T/H
    Ø70mm 6000mm 1200℃ 5.3T/H
    Ø80mm 6000mm 1200℃ 6T/H


    As our induction heater is all customized, please tell us the rod diameter, length and how many kgs per hour do you produce, then we will choose suitable induction rod heater for you.

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