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Induction annealing equipment

Induction annealing equipment


Application: Annealing, Stress Relieving

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm



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Induction annealing equipment

Induction heating is a simple, cost-effective heating process that delivers fast and consistent heat in the following equipment:Induction annealing equipment, Induction quenching equipment, Induction welding equipment, Induction quenching and tempering equipment, Surface coating equipment.

 induction annealing machine

Induction annealing equipment benefits

●  Processed in line with control of parameters in real time

●  Less environmental pollution

●  Increase energy efficiency

●  Reduced processing time

●  Energy saving, less pollution

●  High degree of automation, full automatic operation can be realized

●  Heating temperature uniformity, high control precision

●  Improved job environment

Our commitment for induction annealing equipment

●  12 months free main spare parts replacement 

●  Professional engineer can go to your plant for guiding installing & debugging.

●  A list of spare parts with the induction heating equipment for maintenance.

●  Response within 24 hours for customer’s questions !

As our induction heater is customized,please tell us the job size and production capacity,then we will design for you.