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Copper hot rolling heating furnace

Copper hot rolling heating furnace


Application: Forging & Rolling

Material Heated:Copper & Alloy Copper

Diameter Allow: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Having energy saving power supply & self-developed control system, our copper hot rolling furnace is used for copper or alloy copper induction heating before charging into rolling mills.

Product Name: Copper hot rolling heating furnace

Technical requirement

  •  Brass bar diameter : 80mm
  •  Brass bar length: 7000mm
  •  Heating temperature: 850
  •  Production capacity: 5-6 t/h
  •  Temperature control: Closed-loop temperature control system, which can adjust the heating temperature automatically.

induction heating copper bar for rolling

Copper hot rolling heating furnace features

  • Efficient and quick heating
  • Accurate, repeatable heating
  • Safe heating as there is no flame
  • Equipped with infrared pyrometer and automatic feeder
  • New type power supply, saving power

Induction for our NEW TYPE power supply

      Power saving 10% -15%:No harmonics, high power factor, load output voltage is high, the load coil current is low,small power consumption.

     ● Using special transformer for electric furnace.

     ● 100% successful starting.Reliable frequent starting is available.

     ● The induction heating furnace has high reliability: This product uses the latest DSP control technology, with reasonable structure, easy commissioning & reliable     performance, which has automatic protection functions including water temperature, water pressure, phase shortage, over-current, under-voltage to ensure The product is running in stable and reliable condition.

    ● Adopt famous brand components which reduce fault rate and make sure the equipment can run reliably, thereby reducing the shutdown probability caused by failure.

    ● Advanced technology & Easy maintenance: Having simple structure,perfect protection for control circuit & the most advanced touch screen control, our power supply can show complete failure and find the error.It adopts DSP control technology, which has a high processing speed, which ensures the efficient and orderly operation of the device functions. real-time computing function and real-time simulation and simulation capability.

More adaptable: New type IF induction power supply has self-adaptive function with angle adjustment. No need to adjust power supply while replacing inductor, and the equipment can automatically run in the best condition.

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