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Copper heat treatment furnace

Copper heat treatment furnace


Application: Induction Heat Treatment

Material Heated:Copper & Alloy Copper

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name: Copper heat treatment furnace

Typical Application:

Having energy saving power supply & self-developed control system, our copper heat treatment furnace is used for copper or alloy copper heat treatment like annealing, quenching, tempering, normalizing, brazing.

induction heating copper for heat treatment

The characteristics of the continuous copper heat treatment furnace:

  • Digital phase-locked: digital phase-locked technology to achieve automatic frequency tracking, which can automatically adapt to various inductors.
  • Modular design: Drive module control to ensure reliability and easy maintenance of copper heat treatment furnace.
  •  Easy installation, no need to debug, easy to use.
  • Safe and reliable: The device has various protection functions. It will alarm if any parameter is abnormal.
  • Copper heat treatment furnace adopts the American Raytek thermometer to control the temperature.
  • High toughness and impact strength.

Induction heating copper for heat treatment

  • Efficient and quick heating
  • Accurate, repeatable heating
  • Safe heating as there is no flame
  • Equipped with infrared pyrometer and automatic feeder
  • New type power supply, saving power

Our service

     ●  Pre-sale service:

  • Recommend the most suitable induction heating equipment for customers, according to their requirements.
  • Inquiry and consulting support.
  • Sample testing support.
  • View our Factory.

    In-sale service:

  • Strictly manufacture the induction heating furnace, according to relevant technical standards.
  • Take run test, according to relevant equipment test run regulations.
  • Strictly check up the machine, before delivery
  • Delivery on time.

    ● After-sale service:

  • 12 months warranty period
  • Within one year free warranty, any fault caused by non-artificial reason, any quality problems such as design, manufacture, or procedure occurs, Forever shall  provide replacement parts after detecting the faults.
  • If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Forever will send maintenance Technician to provide visiting service after checking with the customer and charge for a favorable price.

Forever will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance.

The above mentioned are only basic after-sale service requirements, we will make more promises related to quality assurance and operation guarantee mechanism.

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