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Steel billet temperature compensation furnace

Steel billet temperature compensation furnace


Application Steel billet heating up, temperature compensation, reheating
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel billet temperature compensation furnace

Typical Application:

Forever steel billet temperature compensation furnace is used for steel billet temperature compensation,that means our furnace can do online heating(from 350℃ to 1200℃.)–heating up to 1200℃,realizing continuous casting and rolling process.

Features of steel billet temperature compensation furnace

● Induction coil design:Variable pitch of turn,Temperature gradient design;More efficient.

● Adjustable pressure roller: Different diameters of steel billet can go forward uniformly;Roller table between furnaces and pressure roller is made of stainless steel 304 and cooled; Other roller table is made of steel 45 and surface hardening.

● Infrared thermometer:Equip with infrared thermometer at the discharge port of the inductor which can make the billet temperature in the control range before charging into rolling mill.

Parameters of steel billet temperature compensation furnace

Type Power(KW) Frequency(KHZ) Heating Diameter(mm) Heating Temperature(℃)
GTR-50 50 8 10-30 1200
GTR-100 100 8 20-40 1200
GTR-160 160 6 30-50 1200
GTR-250 250 4 40-60 1200
GTR-350 350 2.5 50-80 1200
GTR-500 500 1 60-90 1200
GTR-750 750 1 80-120 1200
GR-1000 1000 1 100-150 1200
GTR-1500 1500 0.5 120-180 1200
GTR-2000 2000 0.5 150-240 1200
GTR-2500 2500 0.3 180-270 1200
GTR-3000 3000 0.3 240-320 1200

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